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to Empower Writers

It all began with Fearless Writing. Every writer started this way—with an idea and a need to write. In the beginning there was freedom from expectations and doubts—we didn’t know how much we didn’t know about writing. In the beginning there was just the passion to tell a story.

With every word you put yourself out there...and soon enough there is criticism of your work, which by definition highlights flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings in your writing. Still you have your passion to tell a story, and now also motivating you to strive to improve.

At what point does striving to improve become a determination to overcome all weaknesses?

At what point does the drive to be perfect only serve to instill doubts?

At what point do the doubts make us question the most fundamental abilities?

At what point do our fears outweigh our passion?

Every writer has doubts...from new writers to newly published to veteran authors. And there are the authors who have a different type of story they want to tell from those they have published before. But can they pull it off? You muscle through because that is your job.

What if the very thing you are muscling into submission is actually what would empower you?

This is the premise of Fearless Writing—that your doubts and fears are actually strengths. What you might call flaws are what give you your unique, wonderful perspective on the world.

Fearless Writing STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: to help authors realize the full potential of their unique vision and strengths, and to use these strengths and vision to empower the author and to create a great story.

What Clients Say About Laura

“My heartfelt thanks goes out to you for your mentoring of people and furthering their dreams. I actually have an idea about what a successful (and success producing) process is all about. A million thanks.”
“You felt my heart and passion for my story, my need to get it out. You extrapolated and brainstormed with respect for my story and my characters; you shined a light for me when things got dark and murky.”
“I am so thrilled with your assessment. Your reasoning [about a character flaw] made so much sense that scenes started flashing in my mind. I couldn’t get to the computer fast enough.”
“Light bulb moments are so common when I’m learning at your side that I spend most of the time in this wild state of enlightenment and excitement. Just incredible.”
“I now know what’s been missing from this story. I finally “feel” the layers and the textures and the plot is no longer contrived. I’m so excited! I’m digging in, writing my little brain out.”
“Your comments—your time and effort into really thinking about our stories—Wow!”
“I am very excited about my story now and I can’t wait to start working on it! Your insight, as usual, is amazing. I have a much better feel not just for who these characters are, but for what I’m trying to say. And until this course I’d never even thought about that. Thanks for all your help!”
“Amazing how you zero in on what the author really wants to say in their story.”

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